Monday, July 30, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching Inspiration

Stephanie at 3rd Grade Thoughts has the amazing ability to break Whole Brain Teaching down to a place where it becomes a very "doable" process. She explains how WBT works  and offers tips on simple ways to get started in the classroom. And to top it all off, she creates and shares adorable, free printables that make implementing some  of those WBT strategies that much easier.

Considering Whole Brain Teaching?  Visit Stephanie's blog, and you just may become a believer, too.  I admit that I was skeptical when I first started exploring WBT.  The more I learn, the more I am interested in trying some of the techniques in my classroom. When theory meets practice in the Fall, I'll know whether WBT is right for my class.  Below is an image of Stephanie's Class Rules free printables!

{Souce: Stephanie@3rd Grade Thoughts}

I will be using Stephanie's version of the Class Rules, because it so closely mirrors my own classroom rules. I've already printed her Class Rules and her Whole Brain Teaching Signs.  They will be laminated tomorrow! Using Stephanie's poster style, I switched out the picture for Rule #5, just because I wanted another cute Scrappin Doodles Kid representing  :)

{Click on the pic to download.}

Be sure to visit 3rd Grade Thoughts for all of Stephanie's posts, tips, and materials.